Erosion Control:
Northwest Natives Inc. has extensive experience with all types of erosion control including steep slope stabilization. We handle all site development BMP’s including silt fencing, CB silt socks, hand placed or blown-in place straw, jute mat installations, blown compost, hydro-seeding, waddles and coir logs, rock lined channels, and more. 

Pond Planting and Maintenance:
We specialize in hand removal of alder, blackberry and other invasive weeds from storm water detention / retention facilities. We establish an integrated pest management plan specific to each site to eradicate invasive specie prior to re-germination. We strongly recommend regular maintenance as the key to a healthy water quality feature and timely maintenance bond release.

Wetland & Buffer Mitigation Planting & Maintenance:
We install and maintain all types of native plantings. We ensure that each unit is planted with proper care to promote long term survival. Our crews are trained to recognize the native specie during maintenance visits and take care not to damage any native plants. Wetland and buffer mitigations have long term maintenance requirements which we have taken care of for many satisfied clients.

Northwest Natives has developed a technique for establishing the native Sedges, Manna-grass and Scirpus that are common to the water quality grass lined swale. We bypass the outflow during the establishment of the planted grasses. Once the grasses are healthy enough we remove the bypass and the swale operates as intended.

Special Projects:
We handle all types of property management needs from French drains to split rail fencing to trail construction and maintenance. We handle storm damage clean up and fence repair. We are willing and able to assist with any odd project you may encounter.

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Miscellaneous Punch List Work:
Land Development bond release is a specialty we pride ourselves on. We can assist with all county punch list work to facilitate bond release. We take care of CB grout, tar seals, co-ordination of sidewalk and curb repairs, signage construction and installation and mailboxes.